Nomination Letter for Beth van Kan

I hereby nominate Beth van Kan for the Heart of the Community Award. There are few who have given to the Camp Zama community in such tangible and selfless ways than her.

Beth started giving her time and talent to ZaCSA in a time of crisis. The evacuation that resulted from the 2011 earthquake and tsunami left the spouses’ club in dire straights. Beth took management of the East Meets West gift shop and made it the post treasure it is today. When it became apparent that ZaCSA needed her leadership she selflessly served as president for the remaining 2012-13 board year and then provided the desperately needed continuity by remaining in the job for the 2013-14. ZaCSA blossomed under her leadership and a countless number of women were gifted with her friendship and mentorship. She fostered relationships while at the same time enriching our Japanese cultural experience with the formation of both a book club and a lunch group.

Beth also greatly contributed to the Zama American High School PTO by serving on the board and by spearheading the Senior Graduation Night Lock-in, which I know from personal experience is no easy task. She also attended numerous Sendai recovery trips with Mr. James Corneiliussen.

Finally, it is only fitting that she should be the recipient of this award because she herself is its originator. I cannot think of a more deserving candidate for the Heart of the Community Award. This community is richer because of her mark upon it and we will all miss her terribly.


Submitted by Beth Sides and Natasa Brumage

Approved by the ZaCSA Board, July 7, 2015